Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random Post - I

The one person I am 'myself' with... is my Mother! She knows me inside out.. But did I miss to mention, she is one person I avoid confrontation, cause she is always right.. well maybe more often than not!! She has this incredible sixth sense especially when it comes to discerning my emotions. Honest, I don't have to utter a word and she knows that something's terribly wrong with me. She needs to only peek into my eyes and out comes the cat out of the bag!

She has recently acquired this "someone-save-my-heart-broken-daughter" syndrome - reason she has seen my tears "raining" not once, twice but every time and all because of the same person. I bet she would have been more accommodating if my heart breaks were associated with different persons, given the current situation... Hell no, I am not sulking over my past.... aaagh why waste time over a worthless past (I know half my folks would be exhilarated after reading this particular sentence. Consequences of my heart break - a distraught family).

Coming back to the point, some of my psychology basics got reinforced today - "Classical Conditioning". There have been times, when anything even remotely connected to "him" would get me into one of the "self - inflicted Ms. Devdaasi" modes. And usually in such circumstances I used to go on a "hunger-strike" (not intentionally though, but my stomach would just exhibit a 'no-entry' board). This association was observed by a "worried" Mom. I never realised this till today, when I kinda went on a similar "low-diet" spree and this question pops up - "did you happen to speak to anyone today?"... Phew, Mom can't I just not feel hungry and cut my portion size?

Reflecting on my "not-so-evenful" past, I realize I invested my love, time, efforts even myself into something (for someone) which never had a lock-in period, no profits, no dividends, worse I was penalized for those very investments. Now, I am left BANKRUPT...

Anyone interested in financing me? ;-)


Anonymous said...

ah, the pain of love... no wonder migzie has not been her usual perky self lately. avoiding coming online and all that! :)

blogvilla here to finance u with a never ending love i feel :) come on migzie, share what keeps u down and we'll try our best to get u up and running again! :)

regards to ur mom. i congratulate her for having such a marvellous sixth sense...! break ur hunger strikes... eat! u dont need to go on a diet... :)

take care!

Brosreview said...

All mums are the same when it comes to figuring out what's bothering their child.

Hmm, I like your attitude of let going of the past and moving ahead.

Regarding finances, well, you've got quite a good friends around you for that who shall help you to find the right property to invest upon.

Good luck with that!

Dony said...

I guess many of us have an "not so eventful past" including me.

Personally I loved your post "A new beginning" & would advise you to go through it everytime to get over the "Ms. Devdaasi" modes whenever you happen to get into one of them.

In time, you'll invest in the right person to earn a lifelong of good dividends. Until then,

"Raise a toast
to the new beginning......."

Take care

Zendagi Migzara said...

@ Leo,
Naah!! Lately what is keeping me off blogging is other work related priorities... Thanks for all of those wishes!!!

@ AJ,
Yeah I imagine thats the reason why Moms form an indispensible part of all our lives! I will be really cautious now before thinking of any investments - love wise or otherwise! :)

@ Doncha,
Cheers, isn't it ;-) !!

Anonymous said...

we never confront the very person who knows us best coz we dnt want to hear the truth !! but cnt escape that either .. m glad my mom is far away to see me .. she dsnt stop worrying abt me judging my mood from my tone on call !!

cheer up girl!

Maverick said...

a rendezvous of sorts wid u dis was.....a refreshing and stranely heart warming experience...candid confessions loosely wrapped in tinsel form alluring reads......dis was one of dose!

Agree wid Leo, kudos to ur mom......envy da sixth sense one around me has it! :P :P
excellently crafted happy....dat sumone who's da right mixture of profit nd stability from a long term (life-long) point of investment may be jst arnd da corner!
da lurking hurt and pain though subdued is still evident even though u try to mask it via a sense of humour! likd da post! :)

Tabitha said...
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Tabitha said...

OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK........ AMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ECSTATICCCCCCCCCCCCCCC (OK AM ECSTATIC) after readin this post... (un)Fortunately I come under the category of 'distraught family'... Lol.. Woman woman woman.. I have always learnt sooooo much from u.. U were always the more 'mature' one, the one wid 'her head on her shoulders'... You'd kinda begun worryin me in the past coupla months.. Coz HELL NO.. I ain't givin up on my tag of bein the 'immature', 'impulsive''crackpot' in the family.. Mebbe u can take over these tags in some other life.. Let's jus maintain the balance wid wat we have rite now.. Muahs!!! Love u!!!

Rohan said...

Kya emossionaal Atyaachar hai khud pe :P

Beer Peevanu, Office Jaavanu Majja ni life :P

and oh btw Sheena..Nice Ad for 'boyfriend wanted' :P lol !

Loved it ! Thought would be even more happy to see you happy

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading your blog

ani_aset said...

haha liar ... it made you so much wiser, how can you say it didn't give you any interest :P

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...
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